Pet Peeves

I am quite self-centred. That is normal because everyone is to some degree, and besides, it’s my personality. I believe if things don’t go the way I want, and especially if I happen to be extremely short on patience and goodwill, I reserve the right to flare up. I think that’s reasonable because I do … Continue reading

Announcement: Roadworks Up Ahead

I need a new(?) lifestyle Once in a pms moon, I get this urge for a life makeover, and I mope around how I’m so useless/slobbish/lazy/worthless. I’m probably not as bad as I sound, but I figure if I’m actually working hard and proud of myself I’d have less to complain about So without further … Continue reading


Obligatory rant on my new love, Jessica Jung. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her for the past few days. Marcus is letting me off the hook for this one, hehe. She’s so pretty dainty little mouth aloof eyebrows droopy eyelids innocent eyes luscious hair cute bangs I will save the rest of … Continue reading


The past week has been very draining on my relationship.. We can’t always say “I don’t want us to ever break up”, “I want to be spend my entire life by your side”, and only cling on to the hope that fate will bring us there. We should work seriously on realising that wish. I … Continue reading

I have become so used to talking to myself that sometimes I expect others around me to know what’s in my head too. And sometimes what I say comes out distorted from what I really wanted to say. Which also leads me to believe that if I were to die a sudden death, there would … Continue reading

This, and a few of that…

Hallo, these are my cheesecake filled strawberries (I am actually sick of saying those 3 words..)! Made these in my spare time today. Before that I was only doing 2 things- watching Ally, and trying to find a comfortable position to sit/lie in. To be honest, I found it really difficult to blog because I … Continue reading


This wordpress replaces my Xanga that was with me for many, many years But as how I once convinced myself to believe, change is always for the better. Marcus said my problem is that I’m always looking back, and it’s true: I am completely enamoured by the past- old memories, old smells resurfacing once in … Continue reading

Hello xmascollective, You’ve upgraded from a twitter account to a full fledged blog! Wow, you must be a ranter. :)