This wordpress replaces my Xanga that was with me for many, many years

But as how I once convinced myself to believe, change is always for the better.

Marcus said my problem is that I’m always looking back, and it’s true:

I am completely enamoured by the past- old memories, old smells resurfacing once in awhile always sees me clinging on desperately for one last sniff, old favourite songs put me right where I was in the past

put it simply- I am completely well-versed with nostalgia.

So much so that I’m less interested in who I can become; my inspiration of being is really just the old me

I yearn very much to  recreate the same mentalities I had. As good as they were, let’s agree that perhaps the first challenge is getting past the, well, past.

Why try to be the same when I can always do better than before :)

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