The past week has been very draining on my relationship..

We can’t always say “I don’t want us to ever break up”, “I want to be spend my entire life by your side”, and only cling on to the hope that fate will bring us there. We should work seriously on realising that wish. I know it sounds like an obvious thing, but it’s hard to see that when you’re carried away in being angry, selfish, and childish. Hahaha. What tough work… :(

Sometimes I seek refuge during love wars in Ally McBeal- her problems are far worse than mine! I love watching dramas… And watching them debate in court is sometimes so amazing I want to reach in and give them a violent hug. ^3^ (LOL what a cute face)

Also been having too much on my plate- Sister’s 21st, UW10, SAFYC Event. I’ve got to juggle work with my designing for my sister. The UW10 is a nightmare enough.. I’m even not willing to talk about my anxieties about it for fear I might jinx it. SAFYC is more of a fun thing, but Jessie is great at meetings, she’s so diplomatic :’) I love people like that.

My self esteem is sadly dwindling along with my self confidence. Lol.. Oh well.

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