Announcement: Roadworks Up Ahead

I need a new(?) lifestyle

Once in a pms moon, I get this urge for a life makeover, and I mope around how I’m so useless/slobbish/lazy/worthless. I’m probably not as bad as I sound, but I figure if I’m actually working hard and proud of myself I’d have less to complain about

So without further ado, here are lists. Because they make us feel like we’re actually on our way to completing things

things i don’t like about myself now

not so great self-confidence
still procrastinate q badly
immune system is just.. abysmal (lol)
always wearing the same old same old
not so passionate about life
haven’t been reading
wtf are my talents
identity crisis

things i like about myself now


I guess I like that I could find enough problems about myself I’d like to change..

things i will make a conscious effort to do

(will fill this in next time)

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