Pet Peeves

I am quite self-centred. That is normal because everyone is to some degree, and besides, it’s my personality. I believe if things don’t go the way I want, and especially if I happen to be extremely short on patience and goodwill, I reserve the right to flare up. I think that’s reasonable because I do not demand for ridiculous things, I only expect efficiency and alertness.

Not too long ago, I only had 2 pet peeves, one of which I can never remember. But suddenly, the list grew a lot longer:

  1. People chewing aloud. Stop doing that because you sound like a pig
  2. Indecisive people. I tend to condition myself to accept and ‘enjoy’ a certain situation that is controlled by someone’s decision. And when he/she keeps changing their minds to and fro, it’s fucking troublesome and I get very annoyed. Of course, when I’m indecisive, I don’t consider it a pet peeve. Human nature, folks.
  3. People who touch my food. I am very protective of my food and unless I’m in a good mood/have plenty food to go around, I will not care to give it to anyone whom I don’t owe anything to.
  4. People who ask redundant questions. There are more important issues to solve than satisfying your useless curiosity
  5. People who ask stupid questions that reveal their insensibility and inactive brains. Are you fucking kidding me?
  6. People who dawdle around in front of me, standing in my way, when I’m in a rush.
  7. Pretentious people who assume they have the entire world figured out and are convinced that they are one of the sad “poetic” tragedies
  8. Pretentious people who think they can start/pull off a “trend”
  9. People who think that adding a fullstop to the end of every tweet will somehow make everyone take them seriously

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