What’s cookin’, folkz Recently I’ve begun to feel, again, a small hint of the things that used to occupy my mind while I was single. Which is basically me trying to figure out the world i.e philosophy, existentialism, poetry and the like Maybe this could be because I’ve been talking to my parents, especially my … Continue reading

[4/6/02] The day my teacher reprimanded me

“Alright class,” the teacher said to us. “Please do your homework.” We said “Yes, Miss Tan.” After the bell rang, everybody rushed out of their classrooms and went home. I promised myself to do my homework that day as I usually didn’t do my homework. During out dinner, dad called up and said he would … Continue reading

[1:07PM – 1:36PM] Thoughts

rambuctious das rite pat dat shit the only exciting thing is growing my hair out and getting new outfits 给我一些sushi来吃 why did i have a crush on you you’re so ugly HAHAHA what should i do when the holidays come can mark see my panties if i sit this way wow look at all my … Continue reading