[4/6/02] The day my teacher reprimanded me

“Alright class,” the teacher said to us. “Please do your homework.” We said “Yes, Miss Tan.” After the bell rang, everybody rushed out of their classrooms and went home. I promised myself to do my homework that day as I usually didn’t do my homework.

During out dinner, dad called up and said he would be bringing us to a movie called “Scooby doo”. We were all very excited as my sister and I only watched the cartoon. I was so excited I forgot all about my promise to do my homework, The exams were over so my mother thought there wouldn’t be any homework. During the movie, I suddenly remembered about the homework. I thought “Never mind, Miss Tan would not mind.” and continued to enjoy the movie.

The next day, teacher told us to hand up our homework to our leaders. My leader came to me and I said happily to her. “Oh, Cherylnn, I forgot to do it.” She went off to tell Miss Tan about me. She told me to come to her in a very stern voice. All the heads in the classroom turned to me, shocked. I was surprised and walked to the front. my teacher reprimanded me. I felt ashamed of myself. I went home and poured the story to my family. None of them felt sorry for me. I went to bed still feeling ashamed of myself.

Hahahaha, I found this old essay while searching for my install dvd. Looks like I haven’t changed since

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