What’s cookin’, folkz

Recently I’ve begun to feel, again, a small hint of the things that used to occupy my mind while I was single. Which is basically me trying to figure out the world i.e philosophy, existentialism, poetry and the like

Maybe this could be because I’ve been talking to my parents, especially my pops, more than usual. And he usually unlocks a trove of wise musings (albeit boring and draggy at times) which often leaves me quite inspired after. I love my Dad!!! He’s special and there’s no one like him…

Work at urban wire/m:idea is draining!! I’m in charge of publicity for our event 10.20 and we’re supposed to dive into it full swing NOW (it’s Monday today) but it hasn’t happened yet! :(

I also found myself occasionally wishing that I took internship instead (although I would really hate to be away from my baby…). At least we get to learn what professionalism is.. Here, we’re just like lost children trying to shove ourselves into the real world lol

Oh yes, my sis is leaving for her 2 week bmt at tekong tmr!! :( I’ll miss her sob… But it’s really fast and I probably won’t realise time passing that quickly..

Hope all goes well ^_^

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