Get a fun relaxing part-time job Revamp wardrobe Read books that I bought eons ago… Do vocabulary exercises Write more Clear magazine box Watch good movies Cook/bake new things Exercise I don’t need to mention spending more quality time with my baby (but i know he’ll be sad if he doesn’t see his name here … Continue reading

[12:24PM – 12:52PM] Thoughts: Retrospect

start with a concept never let your happiness weigh on someone’s grasp from temptation don’t give up on what you’ve already gotten move on from what you’ve decided to forget and forgive secrets trust bollocks, to be honest self-preservation lacklustre Lift me up on my honour Take me over this spell Get this weight off … Continue reading

Twit Bags

The world would be a better place if Scott played the Caped Crusader… I am currently procrastinating from work for a short while. I have 4 articles to edit apart from 10.20 publicity to handle: The Kooks’ concert review, Christian Scott’s album review, and B2ST and BoA’s album reviews. Omg. My mind is running super … Continue reading