A perfect day in my life

Cheesy as the post title may sound, many actually have no clue as to what they really want. But I have a clear picture of what I really want. Every woman dreams of the day she walks down the wedding hall in the long flowing gown which she carefully selected after countless try-ons. 

She smiles, not because she is finally a grown woman. She smiles, not because she has a life of her own, outside of her family. She smiles because she knows the love of her life will be right there by her side when she needs him the most. Someone whom she can look in the eye, right up till her/his death and safely say that she has spent the most glorious life with him. 

It need not be about diamonds and riches, it may not be about exotic holidays or extravagant dinners, it just means a content day after a hearty home-cooked meal; a peck on the forehead just before bedtime or even the melody of a child’s lullaby.

A mountain of soft toys, or better known as our kids, to greet us in the morning. Ah, that is the life. To wake up without any worry about tomorrow or the day after or the day after that.

Would you fancy a mountain of pancakes in the morning? :)


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